Cyber What?

2015-08 eNewsletter - Steve


Insurance brokers are always looking to innovate and upgrade what they do and improve the way they work with clients.

However, the fact is that a lot of the basics of the general insurance business – certainly the styles of cover we are accustomed to – and indeed the types of risk that apply to businesses have been around for centuries.  The matter of Cyber Crime however is something that many businesses are still not really addressing as well as they can.

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Investment Loan Policy Changes



2015-08 eNewsletter - Dan

Recent changes in the investment loan market are a matter of particular interest for those who have variable rate investment property loans.

Demand for investor home loans has reached historic levels. As a response to this growth, APRA introduced new regulatory measures in December 2014 including actions to restrict investor lending growth to no more than 10% year-on-year. Since the introduction of these measures, investor lending continues to increase.

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