Working With The ATO To Protect Your SMSF



Dealing with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) can be a challenging experience that is often avoided due to fear or trepidation.

Powers recently took on a client who was behind with the lodgement of their Income Tax Returns for a significant number of years and had accessed their Superannuation Fund, which they were not entitled to do. They did this because of the mistaken belief that they were entitled to make a particular investment purchase.
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Major Banks Increase Interest Rates


The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (“APRA”) has recently announced that it will increase the amount of capital that the Major Banks in Australia are required to hold against their residential mortgage exposures.

APRA’s announcement followed its recent comments that the capital levels the major Banks need to hold must be “unquestionably strong”.
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The Everest of Parenting: Teaching Children to Save

Warwick Everest

To say that being a parent is hard is an understatement.

Not only do you have to clothe, shelter and feed your children; you also have to teach them values, manners and basically every life skill required to be a functioning human being.
When it comes to teaching kids about money, parents are often at a loss – it doesn’t seem like the #1 priority compared to, say, hygiene or nutrition…
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EXCLUSIVE CLIENT OPPORTUNITY: Houston Livestock Show Study Tour March 2016


Be a part of a first for Powers! Would you like to see and experience the largest Livestock Show in the world and visit state-of-the-art cattle and farming enterprises in Texas, USA? Let us know!


Powers are putting together a 12 day Study Tour from 1 March 2016 – 13 March 2016 to the Houston (Texas) Livestock Show for 25 people. We will be securing group booking rates and the expenses incurred may equate to a tax deduction.
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Politics & Superannuation: An Ever Changing World

2015-10-12 Charles Page Politics & Superannuation An Ever Changing World

We live in an ever changing world. Let us begin with a new Prime Minister…

Whilst there have been murmurings that many things needed to change with Australia’s Tax regime, there were nearly as many things deemed to be “not on the Agenda of a Tax review”, including GST and Superannuation.
However, in this ever changing world, that may no longer be the case for Superannuation or GST.
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