Growing Value In Growing Businesses

Growing Value Brett Plant

In considering growing value in businesses, it is worth taking a look at the Listed Food and Agriculture Companies to see what value has been created in the past 12 month.

In particular, it is worth noting the stand out performers, including those companies that have had a share price rise of greater than 100% in the past 12 months and determine possible success factors.
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“Backpackers Tax” Could Harm Rural Workforce

Backpackers Tax Hana Gibson



Backpackers and others on working holidays in Australia may be hit with higher income-tax bills if the Australian Government enforces the changes to tax residency rules that were proposed in the 2015-16 Federal Budget.


Currently, a backpacker/working holiday maker (WHM) may be treated as a resident for tax purposes if they satisfy the tax residency rules, typically that they are in Australia for more than six months. This means they are able to access resident tax treatment, including the $18,200 tax-free threshold, the low income tax offset (LITO) and the lower tax rate of 19% for income above the tax free threshold up to $37,000.
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Are You Prepared To Buy Property In 2016?

Are you prepared to buy property in 201 6

With the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to keep the cash rate at 2% at its first meeting of the year, now is the time to consider your property goals.

Why? We are currently experiencing a very competitive home loan market, which is great for borrowers. Lenders are undercutting each other just to win business, particularly in the fixed interest rate space.

Some lenders are offering rebates of up to $1,500 to assist with covering refinancing costs. The typical cost of refinancing a single property with a single variable rate loan is approximately $1,000.
Below is a summary of fixed rates currently available in the market. Please note that the 3 year fixed rate on owner occupied home loans is below 4%.



Fixed Rates Table


For those with owner occupied home loans of $300,000 at a rate of 5%, fixing for 3 years at 3.98% will save just over $3,000 per annum.
The Team at Powers Financial Group will happily review your personal lending facilities to determine any potential interest savings – pick up the phone and call us today!  

5 Ways Outsourced Accounting Helps Your Business

CF - 5 Foolproof Ways


Having accurate and current financial information can be an effective resource for developing businesses. Having accurate financial information allows business owners to be able to obtain resources, grow profitability and make better strategic decisions.


However, the process of collecting, compiling and conveying your financial information can be a major strain on resources. Compiling meaningful financial information about your business will often either slow down your business or cost you a small fortune to put together.
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2016: Opportunities in Agribusiness

PAFS - 2016 Agribusiness Opportunities


With a lower Australian dollar, historically low and stable interest rates and several free trade opportunities, plus an increasing demand for Australia’s high quality produce, 2016 is looking very positive for Australian Agribusiness.


Despite continued pressure from some less than ideal drought conditions in parts of Australia, the agricultural industry has benefitted from a lower Australian dollar and interest rates. Future finance industry modelling shows there will continue to be flat interest rates and some downward pressure on the dollar. However, no-one knows exactly what the dollar will do, so it is important for agribusinesses to be aware of the impact.
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Working Mothers Help, Don’t Hinder

Mother Daughter

Working mothers are a significant part of the Australian workforce. Unfortunately, on top of juggling the responsibilities of work and raising children, they sometimes experience negative stigma because of their decision to continue their career.

Suggestions that children miss out on nurturing and valuable experiences because their mother is not home fulltime not only jades the child’s perspective of growing up, it also inflict unnecessary guilt on the mother. A recent study by Harvard University put those unhelpful stereotypes to rest.
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Smart Debt Management: Tips For Growth

Wealth - Debt Management

From home loans to investment opportunities, there are different ways to borrow money that will actually help to grow your wealth. However, with this comes debt.

Debt is a reality that we all live with, as we borrow money to buy things we don’t have the money to pay full price for. The important thing to consider is that different debt should be managed in different ways.
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