Client Spotlight: Specialty Travel


A passion for travel and to learn and seek to understand other cultures led Scott McCartney into an industry very different from his grazing upbringing. After growing up in the Marlborough district, a third generation grazier, Scott purchased the family farm from his parents in the early 1990’s.


In the late 90’s, against his then Bank Manager’s advice, Scott proceeded to purchase an existing travel agency in Rockhampton, where he could share his experiences and knowledge, blissfully unaware of the challenges that lay ahead including SARS, wars, terrorism and the impact of the internet on his small business.
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Client Spotlight: Wiltec Industries



Wiltec Industries was established in 2002 as a specialised Steel and Aluminium Fabricator.

From humble beginnings starting as a small company (with total staff of one) in Brendale on the North side of Brisbane, Wiltec Industries has grown to a staff of 12 and have completed projects such as the pedestrian rails and light poles to the Victoria Street Bridge and the Roma Street Parklands Walkway, specialised access stands for Qantas and of late, a preferred supplier to Visionstream.
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Employee Happiness


It comes as no surprise that happy employees are more productive.

When 84% of Australian employees are not engaged at work, this poses a huge challenge to employers. Either that, or an opportunity; if employers are able to increase employee happiness, an increase in productivity will follow.
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Learning From Lego


The reinvention of Danish toy company LEGO shows how non-linear thinking can future-proof a business.


LEGO began making wooden toys in the 1930s, experimented with plastic bricks in the 1940s and in 1958 patented its clutch power – that satisfying click of bricks coming together. The Company went onto become one of the most popular toys of all time.
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Population = Innovation


According to the United Nations report, “Food and Agriculture: The Future of Sustainability”, the population trajectory of the world means that from now to 2030, the world needs to build the equivalent of a city of one million people in developing countries, every five days.

There is widespread consensus that, going forward, primary producers must produce more food per unit of land, water, fertiliser and chemicals.
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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Tax is like any other cost in your business. It should be managed effectively so you do not pay any more than you need to.

This is the way we approach Tax Planning at Powers. We look at your business, the way it operates, the current position, its likely future needs and how to get the most effective tax outcome.
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