You’re Invited: Powers’ Budget Roadshow

Roadshow Invite

How is the Federal Budget going to affect you?

At Powers, we want to help our local communities understand the effects of the budget. That is why we are visiting a number of towns in Central Queensland to provide a free debrief about the effects of the Federal Budget and how to stay ahead this financial year.

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Beccy - Mental Health


Almost one in two Australians will be affected by mental health issues at some stage in their life.

This means that mental health issues are inevitably present in the workplace. The only way employers can respond to this reality is by eliminating stigma and offering support; any other action will be to the detriment of their employees and their business.
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Tax Planning Reminder!

Darren - Tax Planning

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, NOW is the time to develop and implement your tax planning strategies as an important part of managing and understanding your tax affairs.

Tax planning refers to the process by which tax payers structure their business transactions in order to achieve the maximum tax benefits or savings in full compliance with the existing applicable tax laws.  This is particularly relevant where there are legislative tax changes as a result of Federal Budget announcements in May of each year.
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Maximising Resources: Leasing Breeders and Trade Cattle

Marty - Trade Cattle

With the current situation with livestock prices around the country and with many producers trying to recover after years of crippling drought, an effective way of purchasing livestock may be through leasing of breeders and/or trade cattle.

Generally, livestock leasing is a financial product that is aimed at established graziers with existing commercial cattle and the business is required to not have reliance on off farm income.
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Innovation Funding Grants

BP Innovation Funding Grants

Innovation has become a part of Australia’s national agenda. In response to a productivity malaise in recent years, we have seen a push from Government on Federal and State levels to embrace the ‘ideas boom’.

Funding Grants are being made available to businesses and farmers who contribute to future knowledge infrastructure by ‘thinking and working outside of the box’.
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