What Does the Brexit Mean for Australian Investors?



Britain have decided they no longer wish to take part in the continental experiment, to the surprise of many in the investment community.  But what does this mean for Australian investors…?

Firstly, the All Ords have been hit to the tune of about 3.5%, down to 5171 points at the time of writing, and the Aussie Dollar has taken a hit against the US, down a similar 3.5% to 74 US cents, heading down with the Pound.
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Equipment Financing


Equipment financing is an easy and cost effective way to finance tangible items that you use in your farming operation, rather than using equity from your property or cash.


Property equity and cash are better utilised toward growing and expanding your business through investment in property improvements, additional property purchases, cattle purchases or farm efficiency measures.
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Family Farm Transfers


The Rural Assistance Package is a total of $36M over five years from the 2016 financial year, designed to assist rural producers across Queensland affected by debt and drought. The extension of the family farm transfer duty exemption will finally bring Queensland into line with the exemptions available in some other States.

Under the exemption as it currently stands, no duty is payable on the transfer of farm land and associated livestock, plant and equipment between members of a family to the extent that the transfer is by way of a gift. In practice, this has significantly limited the availability of this exemption and farming families have had to pay large amounts of duty to implement their succession plans.
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Alternative Investments


We are all looking for passive investments away from our “core business” which is often our major asset. This could take the form of property, shares or term deposits. In recent times, demand has grown for a new group of investments called Alternative Investments.

What are Alternative Investments? Essentially, they are another investment option that is not correlated to the more traditional share market, property market or interest rate investments. That is, while these traditional investments go up and down, Alternative Investments do not necessarily follow the same trends.
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Property Sales

DB - Property Sales

If you are an Australian resident and you are thinking of buying or selling property with a market value of $2M or more, you need to be aware of new withholding rules which come into effect on 1 July 2016.


Broadly, all Australian sellers of $2M+ properties will be classified as overseas investors unless they obtain a Clearance Certificate from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The new Tax rules are designed to ensure foreign residents are assessed under the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime or as ordinary income on the sale of Australian property.
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Superannuation Budget Update

CP - Budget Update

The changes from the Federal Budget mean a lot for Superannuanuation. The 2016 Budget proposals for Superannuation have been described as a mix of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


The Ugly part is the non-concessional contribution cap, enforced from 7:30pm AEST on Budget night, 3 May 2016. The Good part and Bad part are that the rest of the Superannuation changes do not apply until 1 July 2017.
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One Dental Group

One Dental Group

One Dental Group Gladstone is a husband and wife team who live locally and have a strong sense of community. David and Anita Fortier and their Team share the ideals of the area and embrace the “One Dental” lifestyle. They are your local dental experts in the heart of Gladstone.


Born and bred in Gladstone, Dr David Fortier studied Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. Once qualified, he worked in the profession for two years before commencing his Bachelor of Dentistry at the University of Sydney. David became a qualified Dental Surgeon in 2002 and returned to Gladstone with his wife Anita and their three sons.
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Mikat Constructions

Mikat Header

Mikat Constructions Pty Ltd was established in West End in 1995 as a Home Builder. Starting as a small company (with a Team of one) Mikat Constructions Pty Ltd has grown to a Team of nine and have completed projects up to $7M.

They have won several Awards at the Master Builders Awards between 2012 and 2015 for Retail Centres, Health and Education Facilities, House of the year Award, Best Kitchen of the Year as well as Difficult and Sloping Sites.
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Farewell To Paul


Our longest standing Director, Paul Chalmers, is retiring on 30 June 2016 after 33 years with Powers and 21 years as a Director of the firm.


When Paul Chalmers joined Powers, it was 1983. Warwick and Trevor Power still ran the business and for a fiercely competitive NSW Origin Supporter from Gunnedah, a move to Biloela would have had its challenges.
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Moving The Goalposts

DR - Goalposts

One of the more common thoughts I face with new clients is the concept of mistrust of Superannuation in general. Such phrases as, “They keep changing Superannuation, so I don’t want to be caught out”, “I don’t believe in Super”, or “The Government’s just going to take my Superannuation anyway”, are very common thoughts among pre-retirees and retirees.

Add to this the current Government, where the party room is not necessarily all on the same page with acceptance of Superannuation changes in the recent 2016 Federal Budget and one can understand some of this thinking that Superannuation, as a structure, is flawed.
However, my view is that perhaps we should not be throwing the baby out with the bath water…
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