Home Based Business? Know Your Risks

SW - Home Based Business

With over 1M people operating a business from their homes, Home Based Businesses (HBBs) are an important sector of the Australian business community.


Just as there is for the thousands of businesses that operate from commercial premises, there are a wide range of Government rules and regulations that apply to HBBs. Things like Taxation, Employment, Government, Council Approval and Licensing. Unfortunately, many HBB proprietors are not aware of, or simply just ignore some of the rules.
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The Event in Review: Successful Investment in Agriculture


Powers was happy to host a Forum on Successful Investment in Agriculture on Thursday 14 July 2016 at Moda Restaurant in Brisbane’s CBD.

The expert panel was made up of Andrew Gatenby of Indigo Investments, Tim Biggs of Laguna Bay, Matthew Durack of Stahmann Farms and our own Martin Pentecost of Powers Agribusiness & Finance. The Honorable Member for Flynn, Mr Ken O’Dowd also attend the function.
Some of the key points that were discussed at the Forum included:
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Australian Investors & the BrExit: Two Weeks In

Dion - BrExist Two Weeks In

On Friday 24 June 2016, as news that the BrExit Poll results were heading towards Britain leaving the European Union (EU), I wrote a quick article highlighting that our market (All Ords) had been hit to the tune of about 3.5% that day.

When the United Kingdom (UK) market opened the following day, their FTSE 100 index traded down to losses within the day of 8.5%, but by the end of that same day had recovered a fair bit of this ground to end up down 3% for the day. What followed was a full recovery on the UK Stock Market within a matter of days, reaching values exceeding those seen for half a year.


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Major Changes to Assets Test

Dan - Assets Test

As you may be aware, a person’s Age and/or Service Pension entitlement is based on an Assets and an Income Test. The Test that results in the lesser amount of Pension is the Test that is applied.


In the 2015 Budget, the Federal Government announced a major change to the Assets Test which will take effect from the 1 January 2017.
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