What Does Shorten’s Offer of Compromise Mean To Superannuation?

CP - Short Compromise

Early indications appear to be that Bill Shorten’s proposal will aim to remove the 2007 retrospectivity from the $500K contribution cap announced on Budget Night.

It may leave the position that everyone will have the opportunity to make up to a final $500K non-concessional contribution in the future, regardless of what has already been made or treated as a non-concessional contribution.
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What’s Your Bushfire Risk?

Australian bushfire gumtrees firetruck Steve Weil Powers Insurance Brokers

We all know that Australia’s history with bushfires has been horrific.

What some may not know is that following the ‘Black Saturday’ and ‘Blue Mountains’ bushfires in recent years, the Australian Government, in conjunction with local Councils and fire services, amended the requirements set out in Australian Standard 3959 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas.
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Backpacker Tax Review Open for Submissions

Backpacker Tax

The government has announced the commencement of a review and public consultation on the broad range of issues affecting the supply and remuneration conditions of labour performed by Working Holiday Maker visa holders.

This is good news for the large number small businesses in the agricultural, tourism and hospitality sectors that rely on backpacker labour, which is a resource at risk of disappearing if the Government proceeds with its proposal to tax backpackers as non-residents.
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Staying Calm Amidst the Volatility

Marc - Staying Calm

The accelerating speed and volume of information, particularly from the 24/7 news cycle, is having an unprecedented impact on share market volatility.

Investors have always had access to information such as market news or company announcements but the major differences now are: investors are digesting unprecedented volumes of information every day; and negative stories are much more prominent in the news cycle because that apparently attracts more readers. There is no reason to fear this heightened market volatility and you can use it to your advantage.
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Changes to Super: As Good As a Holiday?

Dion - Super Changes

I happened to catch an episode of 60 Minutes recently, the crux of the story being interviewer talking with retirees who feel that with all the tinkering the Superannuation system has experienced, you simply cannot trust Super.

As a Financial Advisor, I hear this relatively frequently from new clients I work with and I have a slightly different view. I have been working within this field for long enough to remember and have to, to this day, work within the guidelines of rules that have changed over time.
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