A New Year with Realistic Resolutions

The start of the year is always a great opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Grand ideas often pop up in the first months of the year, full of hopes, promises and dreams.

Creating a list of resolutions is often one of the first things people do when kicking off the New Year. It is a great tool for self-reflection and enables you to realise exactly what is important and consider the improvements that need to be made to support positive change.
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The 2017 Outlook


Global markets are expanding, consumer preferences are diversifying and technological connectivity is generating more data than ever before. All these factors are driving influential change in the agricultural sector.


Often we are in a bubble in Australia and it is good to get a global perspective on what is happening in the agricultural and farming industries.
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Investing in Property Trusts

Property is a diverse asset class and is a popular investment for wealth creation. From rental properties through shopping centres and office buildings to industrial buildings, many wealthy Australians have built their portfolios on successful property investments.

Investment in property can be by purchasing property directly or by buying into syndicates to hold property jointly with other investors. These syndicates are most commonly structured as property trusts with a trust manager who manages the investment and a trustee who holds the property on trust for the investors.
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Back-To-School Savings

After what may have felt like endless holidays, school is finally back. The routine has resurfaced and there are fewer complaints about being “bored” and having “nothing to do”.

With children around the country heading back to school it can mean financial pressures for many parents. The cost of kids going back-to-school each year it only increasing and so we have compiled the top tips to save some money while getting ready for the new school year.
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Superannuation In Your 20’s


Superannuation is for the oldies, right? In some ways that’s true, though even in your twenties there are good reasons to take a bit more interest in your super.

The average 25-year-old usually has around $10,000 in super, the decisions made now, even with relatively small sums of money, can earn hundreds of thousands of extra dollars over your working life.
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Caring For Your Elderly Parents


Caring for elderly parents who are struggling, or who are incapable of looking after themselves financially, is a sad story which touches so many Australian families.

Responsibility invariably falls on their children, which can often cause friction within the family.  It is important that families have a plan in place with an idea of how to handle finances as parents grow older and well before a crisis occurs.
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