Transition to Retirement Strategies (TTR) – Is It Still Worthwhile Post 30 June 2017?

The changes to superannuation from 1 July 2017 will have an impact on TTR strategies and their effectiveness in the future.

TTR’s were introduced in July 2005 to allow individuals who had reached their superannuation preservation age to reduce their working hours and supplement their income from their superannuation account.
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Superannuation Education

When thinking back to the school classroom, many now find that the hours spent trying to learn Pythagoras’s theorem could have been better spent learning about everyday practical life skills that are essential to every Australian’s future, including Superannuation, interest and basic money management skills.

A recent study by Club Press showed that 87% of the 500+ participants surveyed wished that Superannuation had been a part of their syllabus in senior schooling.
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Interest Rate Announcement – March 2017

As expected the Reserve Bank of Australia have kept Interest Rates on hold and at 1.5 per cent for the sixth meeting in a row.

Some called the announcement “boring” and a “copy, paste” situation from last month’s meeting. The Reserve Bank have said that businesses and individuals should take advantage of this low interest rate and that the current positive economic conditions did not warrant an increase in the interest rates.
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