Investing in Agribusiness

At a recent seminar, a director of a large agribusiness company said that to make agribusiness investable, farmers need to change the way they farmed.

The key to this statement was that investors wanted a yield return for this asset class of between 7% and 10%, not dissimilar to what an investor can achieve with a medium quality industrial/office property investment.
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Regional Labour Mobility: A Win-Win for Australian Farmers

Many Australian employers from different industries require a steady stream of productive labour and often are unable to find enough local or reliable labour.

The Australian Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) fills gaps in rural labour by providing a reliable workforce that can return each season. It also boosts the economic development of 10 participating nations by providing access to workers from Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste.
The Programme enables workers from nine Pacific countries: Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu and Timor-Leste to work in Australia for periods of six to nine months.
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Staying Ahead of the Game

Staying ahead of the game involves critical and strategic thinking. It means taking the necessary steps to ensure that you are not only thinking about the previous steps you have taken but that you are also thinking about those in the future.

An important aspect of staying ahead means questioning whether what you have implemented and put in place will actually work in the future.
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Happiness at Work

Being happy at work matters and can have a positive impact on both an organisation and employees.

Most people spend a third of their day at work, many simply accept that a job is just a job .
With the amount of time spent at work, it is important that you are in a happy environment. Happiness at work can create a more productive, creative and committed team environment.
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Planning a Holiday

Each year it seems that the weeks and months pass by quicker. Before we know it we are on the countdown to Christmas and wondering where the time has gone before we ring in another year and start the process all over again.

How are you going to spend your time off? Have you and your family planned ahead for these holidays or those you might like to take in the future?
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Housing Affordability – Is there a Crisis?

For anyone who grew up in the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s, life was pretty good. Certainly, there were some folk who did it tough but for the majority, we had a roof over our heads, reasonable clothes to wear – even if they were handed down – and food to eat. Life felt much simpler then.

Many of us lived in a free-standing house on a ‘quarter acre’ (~1,000 m2) block of land somewhere in the suburbs. Often the house was modest – perhaps three bedrooms, with a kitchen, a lounge room and a dining room. A sunroom was often added on the back and some of the later designs included the ‘rumpus room’. We didn’t have media rooms, a separate study or multiple living areas. Yet somehow, we all survived.
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