First Home Super Savers

For a long time, the debate about accessing your superannuation for the purchase of a home has raged on.

In its 2017 Federal Budget, the Government announced it’s intention to introduce legislation that would allow first home buyers to access part of their super to purchase a home. Relevant legislation has been introduced into parliament and is before the Senate.
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The Positive Habit

At the start of the year, people across the globe sweep the previous year under the rug, dust off the running shoes, usually vow to eat more greens and live a healthier life.


Endless lists of New Year’s resolutions are made and while some have every intention of lasting the whole 12 months, many get completely forgotten, or alternatively, are so unrealistic that they were never attainable in the first place.
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Back To Work – Government Initiative


The Back to Work Regional Employment Package is a $305 million initiative designed to give businesses the confidence to employ regional job seekers and provide an economic boost to regions facing challenging times.


Employer Support, Youth Boost and Mature-Aged Worker Boost payments are available under the program guidelines to employers who meet all of the program eligibility criteria.
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Monthly Money Challenge

Many of us will be tightening the spending belt after the festive season. Making resolutions to save more money during the new year is often on the list of New Year’s resolutions.

This month’s money challenge is focused on organising your budget so that you are aware of exactly how much you have to spend before you receive your next pay.
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