Impossible Work Deadlines

Impossible work deadlines can really create a sense of dread and often add to the stress levels in any workplace.

At work, many of us are trying to find balance while juggling large numbers of tasks as we try and complete endless to- do lists.

Often the issue is that the deadlines are challenging and can be unrealistic. This leads to more unnecessary stress in an already stressful everyday environment.


Despite the mounting pressure, it is best to accept the deadline that you have been given as often these are non-negotiable. By accepting the deadline there are steps that can be put in place to ensure that you complete the tasks that have been set for you and your team.


Here are some great tips for managing impossible word deadlines:


Prioritise – Prioritise your tasks and get the important jobs done first. Find tools to assist with this prioritising; using your calendar and to do lists will assist in keeping you organised. There is nothing worse than that dreaded feeling of rushing through a job and then not completing it to the best of your ability.


Communicate – keeping consistent communication about deadlines and your progress is vital. If you know you are going to hit a deadline early, then let your manager know early. By the same token, if you are really not managing with the deadline that has been set for whatever reason, be sure to inform your manager early so that they can either extend the deadline or allocate the project to another team member.


Set your own deadline – by setting yourself an earlier deadline of when the task is actually due you can be prepared to expect the unexpected. If something does come up, which it inevitably does when busy, you will still have some additional time to get that job done.


Bite Size Chunks – If you are working on a major project with many different components then it is easier to break the tasks into more manageable size chunks. These smaller and more achievable tasks will assist you in monitoring your progress and ensuring that you remain on track. It also helps you feel as though you have achieved more.


Reward – rewarding yourself is an important aspect of completing any task. When you complete that impossible deadline, be sure to congratulate yourself and celebrate with your team. That reward will fuel your drive to complete future deadlines and ensure that you complete the task on time.