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Women in the Workforce


This month has marked the celebration of Queensland Women’s Week and International Women’s Day.

Queensland Women’s Week recognises and celebrates the achievements of Queensland’s women and girls and acknowledges that everyone has a role to play in creating a Queensland community that respects women.  International Women’s Day is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
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Changes to Payroll Reporting

As part of the Budget Savings (Omnibus) Act 2016, employers will be required to comply with the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll Reporting (STPR). The STPR will streamline the way that employers report tax and superannuation information to the ATO.

The compulsory switch will take place on 1 July 2018 for businesses who have more than 20 employees and from 1 July 2019 for businesses who have less than 20 employees.
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Agriculture Needs Innovation, Not Levies

New Zealand is currently in the grip of “Election Fever”. From the outside looking in, the financial position of our close neighbours is very similar to that of our own in 2007 just before John Howard took us to the polls.


Their economy is strong, with the growth rate of 4%, unemployment is below 5%, and Government debt has reduced significantly. Put simply, New Zealand is in a boom.
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You Are Not Alone

Owners of small businesses often feel marginalised, working long hours in the business and after hours doing the bookkeeping. This often leaves the small business owner short of time to review their business performance and plan strategically for the growth and profitability of their operation.

One of the easiest ways to quickly plan for the future is to compare your business with other businesses of your size or those slightly larger, better or more profitable.
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The Importance of Farm Safety

In honour of National Farm Safety Week this week, we thought that it was important that farmers remained informed about the guidelines and important factors to consider when thinking about farm safety.

Farm Safety goes beyond the simple guidelines. Farmers need to reflect on all of their processes to ensure that they are maintaining good workplace health and safety practices across the board.
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2017 Is Looking Good for Farmers


What a great way to see out 2016.  Australian Primary Producers went into Christmas with a spring in their step and why wouldn’t they? Over 80% believe that 2017 will be as good, if not better, than 2016.


Whatever rural confidence survey you are looking at, confidence amongst Australian farmers is at an all-time high on the back of good seasonal conditions and solid commodity prices.
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Improvements to FMDs


If you are a Primary Producer you would have heard of Farm Management Deposits (FMDs).  They definitely help to take advantage of the good years in order to lighten the load in the bad, but they have their limitations.

The good news is recent changes to the Legislation mean those limitations are shrinking and the tax benefits are growing.
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