A Different Approach to Investment

Most entrepreneurs use business as a way to pursue their passions, whether it’s philanthropy, culture, sports or politics.

Sharon Osberg is the other way around.
Her passion is playing bridge, a card game for math whizzes. Her passion led her into a rarefied world most others would kill to be a part of. Her alternative approach to investment has solidified her position amongst some of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs of our time.
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Protecting Your Business

When it comes to protecting your business, are you really prepared?

Here is an all too common scenario; a business owner is asleep after a hard day’s work and the phone rings, his business premises are on fire. He races across town and arrives to see his whole life’s work goes up in smoke.
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Travel Insurance Tips


Whether travelling abroad for business or pleasure it is important to ensure that you obtain the correct travel Insurance before jetting off on any trip.

The effect of the “Bali Ash” situation in 2015 and countless other newsworthy occurrences have highlighted the importance of obtaining adequate Travel Insurance coverage prior to departure.
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Data for Sale

Hand stealing money computer

The Internet and the email: the two most essential tools absolutely crucial to 21st Century business operations.

Whether it be online e-retail sites, internet banking, marketing to prospects, contacting clients or communication with suppliers, statistics tells us that business – small, medium and large – now use these forms of electronic connection on average 12 times more than any other form of communication.
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Business Interruption

Flooded office business interruption insurance

When it comes to running your business, you probably try your best not to play it fast and loose when managing risk. However, if you are not insured for Business Interruption, that may be exactly what you are doing.

Where an accidental or malicious damage event occurs, your ability to conduct business could be ‘interrupted’.  E.g. If I had my business in a shopping centre or an office block, and a fire event caused damage, my clients and staff could be prevented from accessing the premises whether they are damaged or not.  These situations can be disastrous for a smaller or single site business.
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What’s Your Bushfire Risk?

Australian bushfire gumtrees firetruck Steve Weil Powers Insurance Brokers

We all know that Australia’s history with bushfires has been horrific.

What some may not know is that following the ‘Black Saturday’ and ‘Blue Mountains’ bushfires in recent years, the Australian Government, in conjunction with local Councils and fire services, amended the requirements set out in Australian Standard 3959 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas.
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