With a rich history in Biloela and farming regions in Central Queensland, we are uniquely qualified to help primary producers with the issues only they face.

Powers have been helping agricultural businesses in Queensland achieve their financial, operational and strategic objectives for almost 50 years. Regardless of size or location, our team understands the ever-changing Agribusiness landscape and have the specialist knowledge that is required to address the challenges faced by agricultural businesses. From family owned to large publicly traded farming businesses, we understand the social and economic issues faced by the agricultural sector and our long association with this sector is one that we are exceptionally proud of.

Our specialist Agribusiness professionals are dedicated to offering comprehensive Agribusiness Accounting advice across Queensland that ensures you benefit from tailored solutions to your rural business taxation and accounting requirements, including:

• Rural business cash flow forecasts and budgets
• Preparation of reports for banks and financiers
• Rural business accounts management
• Rural and regional taxation concessions
• Estate, succession and retirement planning
• Annual rural business compliance requirements
• Rural business activity and income activity statements
• Audit of financial statements
• Farm equipment and vehicle finance, along with stock and crop funding and seasonal finance