You did not go into business to be a bookkeeper, so why do the things that take up your valuable time?

Powers can help with the mundane tasks such as bookkeeping, HR, payroll and more. All in the Cloud and accessible by you anytime, anywhere.

What we do depends entirely on you. You can leave 100 percent of the bookkeeping to us or choose who does what. We can handle your data entry processing weekly, raise and receipt invoices, complete Business Activity Statements and handle payroll processing. We can also implement better processes and set monthly meetings to discuss issues that arise and, of course, handle various admin tasks.

We’ll start by implementing clear-cut and efficient bookkeeping systems that will work for your business – all in the cloud and with the right Add-ons for the job.

And with all the boxes ticked and your bookkeeping and compliance ticking over nicely, you will have access to real-time business information that can help you make better-informed business decisions.

You can also rest easy in the fact that Powers will also be best-placed to give you the real-time advice that helps you reach your goals both in business and in life.