Are you putting in place the building blocks that will make your business perform more effectively as the global economy recovers? Successful businesses are using this time to transform themselves, balancing the critical levers of cash flow — cost, investments and revenue to achieve sustainable business performance.

Working with a straightforward approach to some of the most complex business challenges, our role is to unlock potential for growth and innovation, and create long-term, sustainable impact.

With Low Worldwide GDP Growth forecast for 2015 and with forecasts through to 2019 predicting little to no improvement, some of the biggest challenges – and opportunities – come from disruptive forces such as changing technology, new customer behaviour and regulation.

Success in this environment hinges on the ability to anticipate and respond to challenges while also keeping a keen eye on protecting margins and growing market share.

We challenge you to think about the future. The actions you take now will determine how well you weather the ongoing recovery—and how competitive you’ll be when consumer spending returns in full.

Powers Corporate Solutions has a long track record of overcoming obstacles to change. We excel at developing customised plans built on our deep industry and functional expertise, rigorous fact gathering and analysis, and singular focus on results.

Our integrated approach to business improvement produces results across a variety of industries, situations, and time frames. We work closely with management to:

  • Deliver the next level of margin improvements – after the low-hanging fruit has been picked – and build the capabilities to sustain these improvements
  • Unlock or accelerate opportunities that are stuck, either because of cultural challenges, leadership limitations, or competency shortfalls
  • Establish the capabilities and culture to drive cost out of businesses systematically and continuously, whether to fund future growth or to protect margins
  • Deliver on growth opportunities in mature markets, whether it involves price setting and realization, product or service competitiveness, or customer penetration and retention
  • Achieve more operational and financial flexibility, whether to limit risk or to create agility that strengthens competitiveness
  • Attain the full value of businesses after acquisitions, carve outs, and mergers; leadership and ownership changes; or market and competitive discontinuities
  • Translate business strategy into competitive differentiation and superior performance, enabling an organization to execute its strategy successfully

We tackle tough issues and capture opportunities, however challenging, that are of material impact to your business. We believe in the value of experience – our senior professionals have on average 20 years of experience leading, managing, and consulting to businesses. This deep industry and functional expertise – combined with our pragmatism and focus on real-world outcomes – underlies our hard-earned reputation for results. In short, our only business is helping you improve yours.

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Starting a business is a big decision, and needs careful research and planning well before you start trading.


Running a business rarely goes to plan and sometimes you need to challenge where you are going.


As a business owner, you know only too well the resources you employ in your business are crucial to its success.


Are you preparing to leave your business?